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A Registration and Recording Land Title Assurance for the Computer Age.

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Reflecting the diversity of state and local laws, as well as the variety of local practices regarding real estate, varies from state to state, and even from region to region within a state.

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Kaiser Solicitors is a trading style of Kaiser Solicitors Limited which is a limited company.

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An abstract details the ownership record of a particular piece of real estate and provides information about whether the title may have any potential issues from a legal perspective.

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Buyer or lender wants some assurance that the seller or mortgagor truly owns the subject land and that the title to the land is without title.

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Deeds convey title between commercial buyers and sellers however not all deeds convey full ownership of the property and real estate can be subject to liens or.

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Title insurance is available to protect owners and lenders from loss resulting from. The materials available though this web site person for informational purposes only forward not for trade purpose of providing legal advice.

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Accordingly, as defined by the American Law Institute, an apparent agent is one who, with or without authority, reasonably appears to third persons to be authorized to act as the agent of another.

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Enforced at the state level, monoline restrictions currently apply to title insurance, mortgage guaranty insurance and financial guaranty insurance.

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Please seek the advice of a qualified professional for guidance with your specific transaction.

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Lease covering land only and not improvements which are to be installed by the lessee.

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If either of these activities involves a real estate broker, you can report this activity to the Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Real Estate, and any other appropriate government agencies.

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In real estate, revealing all and known facts which may worsen the decision of a buyer or tenant.

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In some cases, after months of waiting, the bank will still not approve the potential homebuyer for a mortgage, which can be very frustrating.

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